Welcome to Energiebau-Sunergy Ghana

This website is made for everybody in West Africa who is interested in purchasing high quality PV (photovoltaic) components and complete solar power systems on the lowest price.

Customers who need solar products (solar modules, inverters, batteries, fridges, cables, etc.) very often have little or no information about the current availability of the items which they are looking for at dealers’ warehouses and what their best prices are. To change this unsatisfying situation, Energiebau-Sunergy Ghana has been founded in joint cooperation of several companies, most of them located in Germany.

Energiebau-Sunergy Ghana makes current stock levels and prices visible online

Irrespective of your location, you have access to all the information you are looking for, in a 24/7 one-stop-shop: On this platform, you will find in real time technical specifications, item availability and best prices of the PV-products you need. In our warehouse in Ghana we permanently stock a selection of price competitive products and the best international brands in different power ranges. To make life easier for you, you will also find various PV-sets, e.g. ‘Solar powered fridge’ or ‘Solar power kits for rural clinics’, ranging from 300 to 5000 Watts. Technical data sheets for all components and PV-sets are available for download.

This website will help you to save time and money and assist you to upgrade your technical know-how.

How to use this website

To access the products which are in stock in Ghana, please follow the following steps:
  • Click the button Products/Sales. Under this section, you will have access to different product groups; solar modules, batteries, inverters,etc.

    For example: click on Solar Modules and you will find all solar modules which we have available in our product portfolio.

    Stock info informs you about currently available quantities in our warehouse in real time.

    The latest technical information you will get by clicking the Download button; A pdf-file will open with the data sheet of the manufacturer.


Stated prices are “list prices” without discount.
End consumers will get a discount by paying in advance.

Dealers must be registered. The individual price depends on the dealer’s annual turnover and the mode of payment.
To get online access, please click the Contact button, fill in the form and receive your login code.
After login your individual price will automatically be displayed, visible on your screen only.


Option: The products which you have chosen can be picked up from the warehouse or delivered directly to you or to the installation site.


Option: By clicking the Services button, you will be linked to one of Ghana’s most experienced installer teams, which was founded in 2006 in Peduase ER and has designed and installed over 200 solar power systems in Ghana and in the neighboring countries.

How to order

By clicking the Contact button you will find the telephone numbers and email contact to place your order or announce your questions, comments and recommendations.